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Are you feeling stressed or overwhelmed by your child's emotions and behaviors? Have you been trying to connect without any success?

As a pediatric and young adult therapist, speaker, and parent educator, I help children, adolescents, and transitional age youth improve their character, behavior, and overall mental health and wellness. Utilizing techniques individualized to your child's needs, I am able to meet your child where they are, and walk alongside them in their journey to health and healing. 


If you’re ready to make changes that will give renewed vitality to your family system, you’ve come to the right place. It’s my job to support you with helping your child process unhealthy emotions, while alleviating parental stress. We will address your child's areas of conflict to nurture healing in the mind, body, and soul. Let’s get started!

Healing the child, strengthening the family.

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Are you concerned about your child's mental health? Do you want to increase positive interactions and communication? Book your free consultation to find out how you can support your child in their journey to mental health and wellness.

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Individual Counseling Sessions For Children & Teens

As a pediatric and young adult Mental Health Clinician, my focus is to help young people heal, recharge, and become aware of their inner strengths through increasing self-awareness, improving mental & emotional wellbeing, and increasing emotional intelligence. 

Counseling Sessions For

Children & Parents

Connection is a part of our genetic makeup. Conjoint therapy is an approach to treatment involving two or more clients of the family system. This can be used to support parent-child bonding, and strengthen emotional connection in all relationships. 

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is beneficial for children and their families, as it expands and enables access to mental healthcare services.  Telehealth services are convenient, and a natural solution for improving access to care. This model of care has been shown to be effective with children and adolescents because this age group often expresses unwillingness or reluctance to participate in traditional therapy sessions.

#MindtheirMental health wellness check.

How is your child's mental health and wellbeing? Want to find out?  Take our #MindTheirMental Health and Wellness quiz to see if your child is having emotional, attentional, or behavioral difficulties that interfere with everyday functioning.

I am a passionate woman, wife, and mother, who strives to create a space for my clients to feel safe to connect, learn, and explore the world as healthy individuals. Health and wellness are very much a priority. I am incredibly passionate about the mental health of young people and, which involves the most important agents of change- their parents or caretakers. I am able to help parents not only understand child and adolescent mental health, but provide them with unique skills and strategies for proper mental health management.

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, my expertise and passion provides a safe space for children, adolescents, and young adults to begin the work of becoming not only mentally and emotionally healthy, but to experience whole-self healing.


Young people often have a difficult time expressing and understanding what they are feeling in healthy and appropriate ways, so I aim to give them the tools they need to share what they are feeling. In addition to "talk" therapy, we might use toys, games, creative art, and homework to help give words and meaning to thoughts and feelings. Let's make mental health a priority, in order to help prevent mental illness! 

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